Can I use FilesIn.com and How?
Everyone can use FilesIn.com. Whenever you need to send a large file to your friend,you can use FilesIn.com. Your Friend can download the file.

What are the Benefits of FilesIn.com?
if you need to share your files with your friends or if you want to earn money by online file sharing FilesIn.com offers solutions for you, as you can work from home with us by sharing your files in forums,blogs,social networks and by email and earn money easily for every premium sale made by your referrals.

How can I earn money from FilesIn.com?
There is two ways leading to the same result. the first way, you can invite your friends to register at filesin.com and earn $4 for every premium sale made by your friends. the second way, you can upload your files and share them at forums, social networks or at your website and earn $4 for every premium sale comes from your downloaders.

How to Upload a File?
Select a file to send by clicking the "Browse" button. You can then select photos, audio, video, documents or anything else you want to send. The maximum file size is 100 MB for free users and 2Gb for premium users.

Can I upload Multiple Files at once?
Yes! You can! However the sum of all files should not exceed
100 MB for free users and 2Gb for premium users.

Is there any Limit to Upload Files?
No. You can upload unlimited files. More downloads you get more money you earn!

Does it Cost me anything?
No! Unlike other services, FilesIn.com is 100% Free to use!

Can I delete my uploaded files?
Yes! You can!

When Can I getpaid !
You will be paid once your earnings reach $20. if your earnings reached $20
 by the end of the current month, you will get payed during the next month (first 5 days) via PayPal.